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Greeting Cards

Since 2019, I've worked for Lionheart Prints, a stationery and gift shop in New Orleans. We design our product line of greeting cards, stationery, stickers, and wrapping paper. We have two retail shops and wholesale to retailers around the globe. Specializing in letterpress printing, we produce our greeting cards in-house on vintage Heidelberg and Vandercook presses. 


The owner and art director hands off her hand-lettered and illustrated sketches to me. I scan, digitize, and finesse them in Photoshop and Illustrator. I create color separations for each card design. I then prep the files with color bars, registration, and trim marks to be made into letterpress plates.


I've designed a template in Photoshop to create a product image of each card paired with its respective envelope. These files are organized in a Dropbox library of images and used for the Lionheart Prints website.

Art Director

Liz Maute

Press Operator

Katya Vaz

Graphic Designer

Catherine Lockwood

Greeting Cards mock up_Desktop.jpg

The Letterpress Collection





This greeting card design has four color separations for letterpress printing. Each ink color is printed individually.

The ink colors overlap, allowing 4 colors to become a 7 color greeting card.

Creative Process

It all starts with an idea

and a sketch!

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