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Custom Invitations & Stationery

Lionheart Prints began offering custom invitations and stationery at the end of 2020. My boss and I team up to discuss with our clients their design wishes. She and I work together to create the design suite of their dreams. My role is to convert my boss's artwork from a sketch to a vector in Illustrator. I'm also responsible for typesetting the invitations and prepping the files for print.


Serving as our clients' point of contact, it's my joy to provide attentive customer service. After calculating the cost of materials, I provide our clients with estimates, timelines, proofs, and revisions.


As the assembly lead, I handle all custom accoutrements, such as envelope liners, wax seals, belly bands, ribbons, and dried flowers. I also help design and place all orders for wedding day and party items—custom napkins, koozies, cups, and more.

Art Director

Liz Maute

Press Operator

Katya Vaz

Graphic Designer

Catherine Lockwood

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